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How Offering Other Services Can Bring In Extra Monthly Income For Photographers

Hello and welcome back! This week we are talking about how to bring in some consistency to a very inconsistent business. We all know that as photographers it can be difficult to have a base pay coming in every month to rely on but in this article I've compiled a list of ideas that can bring in money every month.

Idea #1: Social Media Management

This can be a good way to offer your photography skills while also helping local businesses run their social media. The number one element of social media that captures people's attention (besides video) is photos. Once you've layered some marketing and writing skills on top of that, you've got the whole package. Some businesses will even have a large enough business that this could be one of your main sources of income. 
Idea #2: Expand Into Videography  This is of course with the idea that you enjoy videography. This could even just be a small branch where you make snippets for your social media clients. Nothing extravagant, b…

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